Institutional Services

  • Sunrise Infinite Solutions is led by purpose-driven professionals who are result oriented, culturally diverse, and ethically driven. We are passionate about working in the international education industry. We build and maintain a long-term relationship with institutions. We understand the factors driving Canadian institutions to seek international students thus we create innovative marketing strategies and adopt state-of-art technology to attract, recruit, and retain students from across the globe.
  • Our philosophy is simple. We recruit the finest applicants who are well-informed, success driven and can fit within the larger framework of the institutional objectives. We take pride in serving the needs of diverse students’ community and various stakeholders. We have sound knowledge of the cultural and academic transition processes and extensive experience in dealing with students in distress.
  • We ensure ethical student recruitment and submission of qualifying and complete applications to the institutions. We help the institutions achieve the numbers and diversity goals. We support institutions with various settlement issues and deepening the cultural understanding which can address the students’ issues i.e. social, psychological, attendance, plagiarism etc.
  • We have years of practical experience with institutional partnerships and international collaborations in areas of research, study-abroad programs, students and faculty exchanges and corporate training. We have strong resources in several countries and can facilitate a collaborative partnership in pathway and joint programming.